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Cover art by Carlos Maneiro


From the tribes of “early man” to today’s “global village” politics, or the more descriptive Rastafarian term polytricks, affects everyone. Nowhere, though, does it impact the average person as it does in the workplace. 

Corporate Polytricks takes a humorous look at this world.

Journey back to the late seventies, a pivotal period in the advertising world when the three-martini lunch was still firmly entrenched and both salaries and expense accounts were high and tax-deductible. It was the good old days which old-timers so often yearn for—but then as now, the big question in life is: what do you really want and what are you willing to sacrifice to get it? 


Ethics is thus closely related to politics: it is an attempt to bring the collective desires of a group to bear upon individuals; or, conversely, it is an attempt by an individual to cause his desires to become those of his group.  This latter is, of course, only possible if his desires are not obviously opposed to the general interest: the burglar will hardly attempt to persuade people that he is doing them good, though plutocrats make similar attempts and often succeed. 

  • Bertrand Russell 

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