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'Cause We're the Cops of the World

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By Zak Kerrigan



This is a fictional story of small-time drug dealers in Key Largo, Florida who, in an attempt to join the big leagues, unwittingly become pawns in the Iran-Contra Affair.  As with many historical novels, telling the story using a blend of fiction and nonfiction seemed appropriate. 

The Iran-Contra Affair was one of many all-too-real affairs in which the United States Government attempted to overthrow and replace the legitimate governments of small, poor nations in the developing world.  The countries where this occurred were all either strategically located or rich in natural resources. 

The USG rationalizes its support of brutal dictators who have terrorized, disappeared, and murdered their citizens, as necessary to curtail the spread of communism and protect American Interests abroad.  These vital interests include control of the world’s natural resources, agricultural products, and world trade in general by American-owned, multi-national corporations. 

The United States promotes its ideals of Democracy and Liberty and Freedom for All as an alternative to communism.  However, the United States Government, as a result of its failed War on Drugs, incarcerates more of its citizens than any other country in the world. 

‘Cause we’re the cops of the world, boys.  We’re the cops of the world. 

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